The Butterfly House 2 stars

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. But in the coronary care unit at …

Poor quality "whodunit"

2 stars

The problem with this type of work is that the genre has been firmly established by Agatha Christie quite a while ago and the structure as such does not present many surprises. In consequence if someone wants to write an original and interesting thriller that author has to come up with something else that's original. Katrine Engberg does definitively not succeed. First she constantly introduces new characters to the point that from the get go the reader becomes quite confused as to who is who and the fact that I'm not Danish and the names of course are doesn't help. Second the characters have shallow personalities whose actions and reactions are stereotypical to the point of seeming to be copied from some high school manual. I could go on but I think that gives a good idea of the work. In my humble opinion don't waste your time.