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Other End of the Line (2020, Pan Macmillan) No rating

A flood of refugees keeps Montalbano and crew busy, while a seamstress’s murder keeps Montalbano …

The Other End of the Line

No rating

Impastato was beaten to death, and then tied to the railroad tracks and blown up with tnt. His case was treated as a suicide until 1997, when it was reopened.

Fighting Sicilian Corruption, One Vine at a Time by Marie Dozema in Gastronomica, Fall 2012

Camilleri occasionally indicates, in an Author’s Note, when the story was based on real events. He didn’t do that for this story, but he could have. There are two substories; the first is night after night of refugees from North Africa landing in Montalbano’s jurisdiction (the time is somewhere in the mid 2010s), and the second substory is a seamstress’s murder. The refugee story is apparently there so Camilleri can have his characters rile against the idiocy of national and super-national governments, although Montalbano does glean a clue from a knife fight between two refugees. After handing off the refugees to Augello, Montalbano spends most …